inside moonshine

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1 x 60'

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Hoff Productions





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Moonshine, Rot Gut, White Lightning. It’s the rebel liquor that sparked a deadly war between bootleggers and the law. Who’s making moonshine, and what crafty tricks keep them one step ahead of the law? Is moonshine safe to drink, or are there unexpected dangers lurking in every jar? We follow the Illegal Whiskey Unit, an elite group of special agents who prowl the backwoods at night, looking for moonshiners. The moonshiners have learned tricks to hide their stills, but these agents have as many tricks to uncover them. We follow them uncovering working stills, see how they blow them up, and witness the discovery of a moonshine hauling van. From fermentation, steaming and distilling the alcohol, we follow the entire process from the mashing the corn to bottling the clear corn liquor. We visit one of the world’s only legal moonshine distilleries, Belmont Farms. The family’s recipe comes from their grandfather, a moonshiner who was busted for practicing his illegal craft.

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