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Punkins and Road Kill


America Wild & Wacky

One hour series
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    America Wild & Wacky
  • Production Company

    Big Fish Entertainment
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    Smithsonian Networks
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    47 minutes
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America celebrates with the strangest, most bizarre festivals ever! It’s wild, it’s wacky, and it’s very American.

America Wild & Wacky

Punkins and Road Kill
  • 1289208622631745
  • Punkins and Road Kill One hour series
  • Main category:People, Places & Culture

    Start the ultimate American road trip with a cruise in a wild, psychedelic art-car in San Francisco, California. Then journey to a wacky culinary competition in Marlinton, West Virginia, where a heated roadkill cook-off is underway. Head north to gear up for an unusual race in Delaware, Ohio, where folks prepare for the annual Lawn Mower Race. Finally, set out for the shores of Delaware to the town of Millsboro, where residents blast pumpkins into the sky at the Punkin Chunkin' Festival.

Frozen Dead Guy Fest
  • 1289208622806231
  • Frozen Dead Guy Fest One hour series
  • Main category:People, Places & Culture

    Americans' competitive spirit reveals itself in some wacky ways, like the coffin race in Nederland, Colorado, which is dedicated to a dead guy and brings new meaning to the term "frozen stiff." Or the National Snow Sculpting Competition in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, where snowmen go high-end while temperatures hit record lows. Then there's the Kinetic Sculpture Race in Baltimore, Maryland, where crazy contraptions speed across a gritty land and sea racecourse. And don't forget Spamarama, a festival in Austin, Texas, which centers on, what else-SPAM!

Redneck Olympics Got video!
  • 1285169767211879
  • Redneck Olympics One hour series
  • Main category:People, Places & Culture

    Only in America could you kick off your shoes and perfect your form in the Mud Pit Belly Flop Competition at the Summer Redneck Games in Dublin, Georgia. Or join the aliens of Roswell, New Mexico, for the annual Roswell UFO Festival, which celebrates the unknown with performances and costume contests. To the east, Black Rock, Nevada, hosts an amateur rocketry competition that threatens to blast out of this world. But if you can't build a rocket in your home, a cardboard boat will do just fine for the Cardboard Boat Race in Heber Springs, Arkansas.

Frog Beauty Pageant Got video!
  • 1285309088156733
  • Frog Beauty Pageant One hour series
  • Main category:People, Places & Culture

    Take a trip from the extreme north to the Deep South as we search for America's wackiest celebrations. From the world's largest bullfrog festival and street performer exhibit, to the nation's premier arm wrestling competition and Alaskan frontier festival, this is American partying at its wildest.

Monster Bikes of Sturgis
  • 1289208622708560
  • Monster Bikes of Sturgis One hour series
  • Main category:People, Places & Culture

    Get ready for the ride of your life-a full throttle party with the highest concentration of bikers on the planet. Welcome to Sturgis, where all aspects of motorcycle culture are celebrated, from custom bikes and body art, to classic rides and rock and roll.

Drag Queen Race
  • 1289208622567939
  • Drag Queen Race One hour series
  • Main category:People, Places & Culture

    Americans' imaginations run wild in the nation's oddest celebrations. From cross-dressing drag races in DC to fantasy medieval battles in Virginia, from the coolest biker party in South Dakota to the hottest chili cook-off in Nebraska, no party is too wild or too wacky.