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Challenging Niagara


Challenging Niagara

One-off / one hour
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  • Production Company

    Michael Hoff Productions in association with Off the Fence
  • Produced For

    National Geographic Channel
  • Duration

    50 minutes
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Niagara Falls is the most powerful waterfall in North America, where every minute, nearly 1.5 million gallons of water rush toward its 175-foot drop. Its magnificence has attracted daredevils for more than a century, who have been tempted to go over the Falls and defy the odds of survival.

In October 1829, Sam Patch, The Yankee Leaper, jumped over the Horseshoe Falls and became the first known person to survive the Falls. In 1901, 63-year-old Annie Edson Taylor was the first person to go over in a barrel and amazingly survived virtually unharmed. Jeff Petkovitch and Peter DiBernardi became the first two-person team to take the plunge in 1985. Legendary Niagara stuntman John David Munday has completed four successful attempts over the cataract.

Since 1901 over a dozen people have intentionally gone over the Falls, some have survived unharmed, but others have drowned or been severely injured. Challenging Niagara brings together these stuntmen to provide an inside look at the world’s most famous daredevil challenge. Find out what it took to survive and learn what can go wrong from the stories of those who have failed.