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Jamie Diamond


Daddy's Spoiled Little Girl

Half hour series
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  • Series Title

    Daddy's Spoiled Little Girl
  • Production Company

    Martin-Calvert Productions
  • Produced For

    WE tv
  • Duration

    22 minutes
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Rich or poor, most dads love to spoil their daughters. But what if it gets out of hand? Meet the dads who indulge even the most outrageous requests, including faux mitzvah parties, $200.000 Bentleys, private jets to Rome and even shopping sprees in Paris. Can money buy love? Lucky for dad it seems it can for these spoiled brats!

Daddy's Spoiled Little Girl

Jamie Diamond
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  • Jamie Diamond Half hour series
  • Main category:Lifestyle

    Long Island princess Jamie Diamond and her Daddy Wayne share the same three hobbies; Shopping for couture, manicures and pedicures, and partying till dawn. But her father's out of control temper-tanrum threatens to ruin her colleage graduation blowout.

    The family pulls out all the stops for Jamie's 300-person graduation party, but ominous forces threaten to derail the outdoor soiree as rain clouds gather, her jealous younger sister attempts to upstage her, and the cops arrive to quell a hostile and un-apologetic Wayne.

Karly Urata Got video!
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  • Karly Urata Half hour series
  • Main category:Lifestyle

    Karly's parents are divorcing after 35 years of marriage, and for the first time ever, Karly is reversing roles to be the emotional rock for Daddy -and for and the rest of her family. Karly will pull offa Gala Event to commemorate her sister Kelly's 30th birthday, but the one thing she can't guarantee is the attendance of their mom, Patricia. Karly also can't seem to control that it is she -and not her sister (the birthday girl) who is the favored daughter of her Daddy. This Wild Child has the challenge ofa lifetime: Can she balance her family as it spins out ofcontrol just long enough to pull off Kelly's huge surprise party? 

Courtney Polisky Got video!
  • 1291118012691299
  • Courtney Polisky Half hour series
  • Main category:Lifestyle

    Bel Air Princess Courtney dreams of becoming a model and she wants Daddy to make it happen. To make her a star, she's demanding the best: a private runway coach, a custom portfolio, her very own personal stylist, hairdresser and professional makeup artist --all to get her ready for the main event: a daddy-funded private fashion show and photo shoot. Will Daddy's dollars be enough to jumpstan her career?

Chelsea Chandler Got video!
  • 1291118076081041
  • Chelsea Chandler Half hour series
  • Main category:Lifestyle

    Memphis singing sensation Chelsea Chandler is competing to win the largest youth talent competition in the world. Daddy's dollars can buy her world-class singing coaches and custom-made singing costumes, but can they buy her a win?

Molly Nashbar
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  • Molly Nashbar Half hour series
  • Main category:Lifestyle

    Aspiring Actress Molly is a big fish in a small-town Ohio pond. In this episode, Molly unleashes her plans to move to Hollywood to become a star. After throwing herself a lavish goodbye party with Daddy's money, she's forced to make a decision: should she remain at home with her ailing father, or make the risky move to pursue her dreams?

Laurie Snyder
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  • Laurie Snyder Half hour series
  • Main category:Lifestyle

    At 29, Laurie's finally ready to move out of her parents' Palos Verdes, California estate, and into the real world. To woo Daddy into buying her a dream house, Laurie invites all of his friends and family out for a surprise 60th birthday party (made possible by Daddy's checking account, of course). Will the party be enough to convince Daddy to purchase his baby a home?

Richelle Jones
  • 1289208628072177
  • Richelle Jones Half hour series
  • Main category:Lifestyle

    Richelle Jones ha two Dads, both of whom are helping the throw the event that could propel her into Manhattan socialite status. To make her Peace Games Charity Acution a success, the Daddy's are pulling out all the stops: They've hired a fancy PR team to get her top talent, and top NYC jewelers to provide silent auction gifts. Though things go awry when Dad Guba Gooding Sr. fails to show up for the ball, Dad #2 Paul Mooney s there to hold Richelle's hand. And after the party's a major bust, Cuba comes back into town bearing gifts to put a smile back on Princess Richelle's face.

Lauren Gold
  • 1289208627703214
  • Lauren Gold Half hour series
  • Main category:Lifestyle

    Lauren Gold's a self-admitted "raging brat" that manipulates her Dad into getting whatever she wants, when she wants it. In this episode,

    Lauren decides it's time for Daddy to spend $60,000 on a lavish trip to India, where she wants to shoot a documentary. In order to get her way, Lauren schemes up a plot to lure him into saying yes. But will dressing in Indian costume and serving Daddy an elaborate Indian feast be enough?

Carissa Stanton
  • 1289208627952463
  • Carissa Stanton Half hour series
  • Main category:Lifestyle

    Carissa's birthday has always been overshadowed by Christmas, but not this time: this Daddy's girl's making sure this year's bash is one to remember. Carissa' s demanding a suite at the St. Regis to host a slumber party with all her friends, as well as a 5 star Moroccan-themed bash. But when boys crash the slumber party after Daddy's strict mandate of NO BOYS ALLOWED, Daddy threatens to cancel the event altogether. Will this princess' birthday wishes corne true?

Jessica Phillips
  • 1289208627810405
  • Jessica Phillips Half hour series
  • Main category:Lifestyle

    Jessica Phillips is an O.c. party girl who's missed an entire semester of primo so-cal social events due to an illness. Now she's demanding that Daddy to help her get back into party mode. Her plan? To have daddy throw her the biggest party of the season. And daddy's 5 million dollar mansion won't due - Jessica is demanding daddy rent her a 20 million dollar beach house for the party! Talking her daddy into this pricey party might be a challenge, even for this spoiled brat. But if daddy does give in to his little diva, she's going to play by his rules if she wants him to bank roll her big event.

Karly and Kelly Urata
  • 1289208628001981
  • Karly and Kelly Urata Half hour series
  • Main category:Lifestyle

    The Urata sisters are back spending daddy's money and living the good life. But now, these sisters have a problem. Daddy's got a new girlfriend and he's not spending as much time with his little divas. So the sisters have devised a plan - they are taking daddy to Lake Tahoe for the weekend for an indulgent getaway of gambling, partying and winter sports. And of course they are charging the whole thing to daddy's credit card! But what happens when Daddy decides to bring his new girlfriend along? As they all pile into the limo, daddy is oblivious that his little princess's are already scheming against his new girlfriend - will cat fighting ruin the weekend or can daddy open his wallet and calm everyone down?

Pardise Mossalman
  • 1289208627492737
  • Pardise Mossalman Half hour series
  • Main category:Lifestyle

    It's the Persian New Year... and New Year's for 28 year-old Portland, Oregon Princess Pardise means new clothes flown in from New York City, a new car (she's owned 25 Mercedes in the past 10 years!) a new house and to top it off, she wants a Persian New Year's party of her exceeding her wildest dreams - imagine belly dancers, fire eaters. and a guest list of 250 and you get the idea! But will Daddy and his credit card be able to live up to her exacting demands?