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Inside Extraordinary Humans

One hour series
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  • Series Title

    Inside Extraordinary Humans
  • Producer

    Robert Ziel
  • Executive Producer

    Lauren Lexton, Tom Rogan
  • Production Company

    Authentic Entertainment
  • Produced For

    National Geographic Channel US
  • Duration

    50 minutes
  • Definition

  • Delivery

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Shockingly tall, amazingly small, morbidly obese or conjoined. They are people at the limits of the human condition. Individuals whose extraordinary bodies have taken a course far different from the norm. Inside Extraordinary Humans will examine the lives these people lead, the problems they face and we'll come to understand the challenges of being & exceptional in a normal world.

Inside Extraordinary Humans

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  • Dwarfism One hour series
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    In this one-hour program we go inside the extraordinary bodies of dwarfs to unlock the secrets of their unique designs and see what it’s like to experience life at a lower altitude. Through cutting edge animation we’ll tour these remarkable human bodies and see them as never before. We’ll meet the Campbell family, a mother, father and daughter who all have different forms of dwarfism. We’ll also meet Danny White a dwarf whose syndrome is responsible for making some of the smallest people on the planet. Ultimately, we find no matter what his size, he and others like him are truly extraordinary humans.

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  • Gigantism One hour series
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    Standing 7, even 8 feet plus, giants really do walk the earth. In this 1-hour National Geographic Channel program we'll use cutting edge computer animation to go inside these extraordinary people to find out what makes them tower head and shoulders above the rest. From over-active pituitary glands that spew growth hormone to mutations in a single gene we'll investigate the biomechanisms that allow these people to live life at the top. We'll meet Igor Vovkovinsky who owes his 7 foot 8 inch stature to a benign tumor on his pituitary gland that caused it to gush growth hormone into his body at an early age. We'll also meet Guinness Book of Records' tallest living woman in the world, Sandy Allen. At 7-foot 7 and ¼ inches, Sandy is an acromegalic giantess, whose growth hormone, at up to 1000 times that of an average person, sculpted her body in distinct and often painful ways. We'll also meet Dave Rassmussen whose tall stature and exceptionally lean body is due not to growth hormone but a mutation in a single gene. Join us as we take a glimpse inside giants to see what makes these humans truly extraordinary.

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    In this one-hour program we'll travel inside the extraordinary bodies of some people who fall into the stratospheric weight class known as "morbidly obese." With high-tech animation we'll voyage to the inner reaches of these massive beings to investigate their astonishing internal mechanics and unusual chemistry. We'll meet Francis Serrano, who hopes that surgery can save him from his runaway appetite, now that he's ballooned to over 500 pounds. We'll also encounter Kate Meyers, whose staggering obesity was caused by Cushing's Syndrome, a rare condition that causes people to suddenly pile on pounds without over-eating. Plus, we'll meet two men who actually work at gaining weight - sumo wrestlers. Probing morbid obesity from the inside out, we'll discover how it makes people not just super-sized, but also extraordinary, versions of the human machine.