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Keep the River on Your Right


Keep the River on Your Right

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  • Director

    David S. Shapiro Laurie Shapiro
  • Actors

    Tobias Schneebaum, Norman Mailer
  • Duration

    93 minutes
  • Awards

    Amsterdam Special Jury Award / GLAAD Outstanding Doc. / Golden Starfish Award Best Doc. Film / Truer Than Fiction Award / LA Audience Award Special Citation / Jury Award Best Doc. / OFCS Award Best Doc.
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In 1955, Manhattan painter Tobias Schneebaum spent seven months in the Amazon basin with the Harakambut. When he returned to the US, he could no longer paint. Now 78, the filmmakers suggested Tobias return to Peru. Initially reluctant, he finally agrees to go to look for the people whom he once joined on a murderous raiding party. The scars of war remain.

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