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Locust Invasion


Locust Invasion

One-off / one hour
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  • Producer

    Jean-Pierre Bally
  • Director

    Thierry Ragobert
  • Executive Producer

    Bertrandy Jenny
  • Production Company

    MC4 Productions
  • Produced For

    Canal +, Animal Planet
  • Duration

    50 minutes
  • Definition

  • Location

    West Africa
  • Delivery

  • YOP

The insect that ate Africa...

Since man can remember, immense swarms of locusts have regularly descended upon the prairies and fields of Western Africa, leaving in their wake desolate landscapes and destitute populations. Considered to be the eighth plague of Egypt, locust swarms have been known and feared since antiquity.

Yet what do we actually know about locusts? What conditions make an apparently inoffensive insect metamorphose into a fearsome superpredator? Do they have some kind of collective intelligence that enables them to swarm?

In the film Locust Invasion we follow the French entomologist Antoine Foucard during his last mission to Niger and Mauritania and discover the complexity of this insect and it’s multiple life phases, which until now have been widely unknown.