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Moving Africa's Ark


Moving Africa's Ark

One-off / one hour
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  • Director

    Lyndal Davies
  • Executive Producer

    Lyndal Davies
  • Production Company

    Rock Wallaby Productions
  • Duration

    50 minutes
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Once there was a time when all of Africa’s animals could move freely across this great continent. There were no boundaries, no farms, skyscrapers or roads blocking their path. That was a long time ago…

Now, thanks to land clearing and illegal hunting, every one of Africa’s wild animals is living in either a game reserve or nature park. These reserves offer the best chance of survival for many rare and endangered species – each one of them is a modern day Noah’s Ark.

But this creates a new challenge – maintaining genetic diversity and preventing inbreeding – which can occur in small and confined populations. Some of the animals must be moved from Ark to Ark.

The annual man made migration of Africa’s animals is about to begin.

“Moving Africa’s Ark” follows the vital work of the Big Game Capture team as they capture and translocate wild animals across the country. Their goal is to do it as safely and as stress free as possible. But it’s not always easy. Especially when you are coming up against the biggest and most dangerous of Africa’s animals: Elephant, Hippo, Rhino, Lion and Buffalo.

Moving the animals is the only way to maintain the delicate balance of Africa’s eco-systems and ensure the long term survival of the country’s unique wildlife.

It’s dangerous work, but someone has to do it!