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Nature's Greatest Moments - South American Shorts (Series 1)
Nature's Greatest Moments - South American Shorts (Series 1) 11 x 5'
South America’s natural beauty is well known. But this series of shorts uncovers some hidden gems. From a Capybara the worlds largest rodent to the nature’s greatest dad, the male rhea who face's a myriad of challenges to cares for a communal clutch of eggs, the most unlikely resident of South America’s Atcama Desert: the Humbolt Penguin to the Howler Monkey practicing the distinctive call of his species, these animals have evolved perfectly to suit their picturesque, but often challenging, habitat.


11 x 5'

Episodes - Please go to extras for episode breakdown

Caiman Capybara Guanaco
Humboldt Penguin Rhea Marine Iguana
Garuma Gull Vampire Bat Seabird/Anchovy
Hummingbird Howler Monkeys

Production Company

Talking Pictures/Aquavision/Off the Fence/BR/WDR/NHNZ/Marco Polo Films







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