my mum talks to aliens

Chris Rodwell is a vet with a science degree. His mother, Mary, counsels people who’ve spoken to aliens. Mary’s beliefs have led to the breakdown of her marriage, and strained her relationship with her son. They agree to a deal: Mary has a road trip across Australia to convince Chris. If she fails, they’ll never mention the subject again.

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1 x 60'

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Joined Up Films





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Mary Rodwell is a leading authority on extra-terrestrial phenomena; her son Chris Rodwell is a vet, a man of science and self-confessed alien sceptic. Their relationship has reached a critical point and something’s got to give. Mary's beliefs led to the breakdown of her marriage and left a teenage Chris with some emotional scars, so the topic comes with baggage. Packing nothing but an open mind, Chris has agreed to enter Mary's world via a road trip traversing Australia in order for her to convince him that the truth really is "out there" and that aliens exist. If she can’t convince him, they’ve agreed that she must never discuss the subject with him again. Along the way they argue until they are blue in the face about who’s right, and for Mary, this really is her last chance to prove to Chris that she hasn't gone loopy. This is the journey to save a relationship.

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