shark night (aka in deep water, aka bait)

Lost at sea…what’s your worst nightmare? Exposure? Exhaustion? Or…sharks? One man will live out one of our greatest primal fears.

programme information


1 x 90'

Production Company

Off the Fence for Animal Planet, France Télévisions, IDC, DTI & National Geographic

Executive Producer

Ellen Windemuth



Episode Information

Imagine yourself lost at sea, alone in the water, drifting with the current. You’re a target for the ocean’s most feared hunters, sharks. What would you do when the sharks appear, and attack?

Shark expert Mike Rutzen wants to find out. Mike has gone eyeball to eyeball with Great Whites, Bull Sharks and Reef Sharks before in his quest to understand these animals. He believes that sharks aren’t mindless killers, but sophisticated thinkers. To prove his theory, Mike is prepared to undergo the ultimate test. To share the water day and night with the most feared of all sharks: the Great White.

On three marathon dives, he drifts through the ocean off southern Africa and encounter some of the world’s deadliest sharks. How well he copes with the ever curious and hungry sharks depends on his ability to communicate. He has never interacted with sharks for this long however, or with so many.

Anything could happen and if he gets it wrong, he could pay with his life.

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