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Nature's Greatest Moments - Animal Antics - Desert (Series 3)
Nature's Greatest Moments - Animal Antics - Desert (Series 3) 16 x 5'
Nature's Greatest Moments brings us a shapshot of Animal Antics. In these 5 minute shorts we discover the antics of the desert and all the life it contains.


16 x 5'

Episode Titles

Dusty Denizens Run Rhino Run Ricky Ticky Tarvy
Oh Rats! Desert Ungulates Cold blood in a Hot Place
Whale Tale Whale of a Time Boomslang
Cobra Long in the Neck Relatively Speaking
The Power Brokers Designer Coat Fat Cat
Sweating Blood

Production Company

Talking Pictures/Aquavision/Off the Fence/BR/WDR/NHNZ/Marco Polo Films



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