demolition derbies

This is the science of success in the down and dirty world of Demolition Derbies. How do these cars take such a pounding? What happens to the drivers inside? And what home spun technology lies under the hood? This unusual insight combines dramatic visuals with a remarkable depth of fascinating information.

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1 x 60'

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National Geographic





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It's about Speed but it's more about Strength in the world of Demolition Derbies… but how do these cars take the pounding of continually crashing into each other at 30mph? What happens to the drivers inside them? And what 'home-spun' technology is employed under the bonnet? In this one-hour special, the world of Demolition Derbies is revealed - where high-tech and low-tech collide to create battering-rams on wheels. This is a world of cutting-edge technology combined with 'redneck attitude'! Follow a leading driver as he re-builds his car - using junkyard parts. The car goes through extreme modifications being dismantled and reconstructed from top to bottom, front to back. Using the latest CGI techniques and slow-motion replays of race-footage, we'll see how and why such modifications work in the rough-and-tumble of the circuit - and we'll see how just how well our driver and his car fare in his next race…

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