ochre & water

This film follows the extraordinary journey of the nomadic Himba people, living in the pristine valley of the Kunene River, Namibia, and the abrupt threat to their pastoral lifestyle.

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1 x 60'

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Earthwatch Award 2001 – Annual Earthwatch Institute Film Awards for Documentaries in association with The National Geographic Society
Evironment / Conservation Award – Japan Wildlife Festival 2001 – Tokyo, Japan
Best Documentary – Apollo Film Festival 2001 – Victoria West, SA
Craft Awards: direction, script, original music, camera work, audio postproduction – NTVA- Stone Awards 2001 – Western Cape, SA
Best Film – Mountainfilm in Telluride 2002 – Colorado, USA
Special Jury Award – Banff TV Festival 2002 – Banff, Canada

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In the pristine valley of the Kunene River, Namibia, the nomadic Himba people face an abrupt threat to their pastoral lifestyle: the Namibian Government wish to create an energy superhighway by building a dam and flooding the Himba’s homeland. In response, the Himba people mount a spectacular resistance campaign, which lasts seven years.

The film traces a journey into the memory and landscape of the nomadic Himba people. Guided by their oral history and rich ancestral tradition they resist the development of the dam scheme. Confronted with the completeness of their existence, the film poses questions about first world development and our own fragmented modern world.

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