meet the jackals

This film follows the lives of some of Africa's smartest and most sociable animals, a family of golden jackals living in Tanzania's spectacular Serengeti.

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1 x 60'

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Talking Pictures & Off the Fence





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This film follows the lives of some of Africa’s smartest and most sociable animals, golden jackals living in Tanzania’s spectacular Serengeti. These animals are possibly the most endearing killers you’re ever likely to meet. The events of their lives in just one breeding season are full of drama, comedy, tragedy and tenderness. Jackals live in a nuclear family and they mate for life. Our two jackal families are neighbours on the Short Grass plains between Naabi hill and the Gol Kopjes. This film highlights the intimate relationships, the politics and the extraordinary bond that holds the jackal families together. These are families that do everything as one. They hunt together, eat together, and defend their home together. And that’s just as well because they wouldn’t stand a chance on their own.

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