inside: straight edge

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1 x 60'

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P2 Pictures





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Youth can be a minefield: sex, drugs, violence, and peer pressure. In Salt Lake City, one group has an extreme way of dealing with it. They call themselves the ‘Straight Edge’. The police may class them as a gang, they aren’t like any other gangs you know. With them, it’s no sex, no drugs, no alcohol and no smoking. But don’t call them angels, they’re anything but. They are rebels against a society where anything goes. We go Inside Straight Edge to uncover the roots of this youth phenomenon and reveal what draws thousands of young people to this extreme ideology. We travel with members of a militant offshoot of Straight Edge who also reject eating meat and use of animal products, homosexuality, abortion, and masturbation. The lead ‘clean sweeps’ where they attack people smoking and drinking in public!

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