little matters: turtles

This engaging documentary lifts the lid on the life of the turtle, showing that contrary to our perceptions as slow and peaceful animals, they are actually impressive hunters, dangerous killers and great lovers.

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1 x 60'

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Alvaro Mendoza





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Turtles are… slow!, calm, gentle creatures. But not always, and not all of them! Certain turtle species are fearsome hunters; while others, during mating season, become fierce fighters capable of killing; and still others are the seas’ greatest voyagers or the world’s most amazing time-travelers… Some live hundreds of years. They can also hibernate or live buried underground for months before being born. Their shells could withstand a lion’s bite, although that does complicate sex a bit. These incredible beings have been on the planet since before the dinosaurs appeared. The evolutionary race is a distance event, not a sprint, and the truth is that turtles are in the lead. The hare is just a newcomer…! We will see the alligator turtle hunting with a lure, as well as the mata mata incredible technique of sucking its victims… We will see the fight of the biggest leopard tortoises and the biggest arrivada of the olive ridley turtles. Babies emerging from the ground, after months of hibernation, the hatching of different species or their ways of defence…

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