building the interstate

This film follows the building of I-35 near Chicago, revealing the serious science needed to pour asphalt in 46°C temperatures in the shade, to inject liquid nitrogen to cool concrete, and to hoist a 40 tonne piece of steel to build a new ramp.

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1 x 60'

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Powderhouse Productions





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America is constantly on the move. Much of this progress wouldn’t be possible without the nation’s network of interstate highways – but recently, crucial routes have begun to be outgrown by heavy traffic, and are falling apart under the strain. On Interstate 35, America’s busiest north/south route corridor, three major construction projects are underway, while in Chicago - one of the nation’s busiest transportation hubs – two more interstate highways are getting complete makeovers. Presenter Kevin Moore hits the road to witness the work being done to repair and build the roads of the future! He'll pour asphalt on I-35 where it's 46°C in the shade, inject liquid nitrogen to cool curing concrete, lay rebars for bridges south of Chicago and hoist a 40 tonne piece of steel to build a new ramp. But will all these massive mega-structures be completed in time to handle the ever-increasing volume of traffic? Using dynamic experiential visuals with fascinating facts and figures, we’ll reveal the serious science of road building.

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