beyond earth

Beyond Earth explores what is in store at the next great turning point in human exploration. Fasten your seat belts and take a look at the future of humans as a space-faring species.

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1 x 90' or 1 x 60'

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DLI Productions





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Those around the world who saw Neil Armstrong take the first step on the moon were awed by this amazing leap for humankind. The accomplishment of leaving Earth and setting foot on another celestial body drew the world together like no event before, or since. Now a new breed of risk-takers are taking over, astropreneurs willing to gamble everything -- promising to build rocket ships that launch daily, space hotels in orbit, lunar solar panels to end pollution, colonies on Mars and, eventually, to take us to the next solar system. What will be the effect of space travel on us and our planet? It will change everything. Shot over eight years and with unprecedented access, Beyond Earth: The Beginning of New Space, is a journey into space exploration with the world's leading astropreneurs including: Elon Musk (SpaceX); Richard Branson (Virgin Galactic); Eric Anderson (Space Adventures); Robert Bigelow (Bigelow Aerospace) Jeff Greason (XCOR Aerospace); Chuck Lauer (Rocketplane Global), and finally beyond Earth with Chris Hadfield singing David Bowie’s Space Oddity on the International Space Station. Beyond Earth shows what is in store for us all at the next great turning point in human history. Fasten your seat belts, join those who are making it happen, and take a look at our future as we become a space-faring species.

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