endangered with michaela strachan

Presenter Michaela Strachan investigates the endangered wildlife of South Africa and is on a mission to track down endangered species wherever they may be.

programme information


13 x 30'

Production Company

Homebrew Film Company (PTY) LTD





Episode Information

This is a 13-part high-definition series focusing on the endangered fauna and flora in South Africa. It is presented by UK celebrity Michaela Strachan, who will take the viewer around the country to track down these critically endangered species, ranging from the very elusive riverine rabbit to the rowdy but vulnerable western leopard toad in the Cape’s pocketed wetland areas. This exploration will also search for the quiver trees in the Richtersveld desert and a tiny antelope known as an oribi.

Episode Titles

Introduction Fynbos Renosterveld
Succulent Karoo Great Karoo Subtropical Thicket
The Highlands The Overberg Afromontane Forest
Birds of the Benguela Grasslands and Westlands Lowveld and Bushveld

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