kalahari meerkats (series 2)

Meet the Gosa gang of meerkats and wildlife filmmaker Mags, an honorary member of the group, who fiercely defend their bush home within the Tswalu Game Reserve in South Africa's Kalahari.

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6 x 30'

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Wildearth Media (Pty) Ltd





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Home for the Gosa gang of meerkats is a piece of fiercely defended bush within the Tswalu Game Reserve deep in South Africa’s Kalahari. These tiny creatures share their home with many others some of which are very dangerous. The group is a subject of a photographic study by wildlife filmmaker Mags. She has become an honorary member of the group and has forged some amazing bonds with each and every meerkat. Cleopatra, known as Cleo, is the undisputed leader of the Gosa gang. This mini matriarch rules with an iron fist. She is well respected and has pulled the group through some tough times. Throughout the series she brings up a variety of different pups. Her great mothering skills result in most of them growing up and learning fast. However a few had their lives taken early by the mighty Kalahari desert. With snakes and birds of prey round every corner this place is not for the faint of heart. Brutus is Cleo’s partner and has looked after the gang well. His natural ability at security shines through and he has taught Punk to be his second in command.He has led the way in numerous bloody battles with neighbouring rival gangs of meerkats.

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