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Aerial America: Trailblazers
Aerial America: Trailblazers 1 x 60'
Virginia’s Mt. Vernon served as more than George Washington’s home; it was his laboratory, refuge and inspiration. The Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port was a playground for John F. Kennedy, but also a sanctuary. Aerial America: Trailblazers shows how places like Silicon Valley in California and Johnson Space Center in Texas brought great minds together so that, together, they could do great things.

Places inspire people and ground them. Bob Dylan, Charlie Parker and Muhammad Ali had humble roots, but their hometowns show they also had solid foundations. The Mississippi River was Mark Twain’s muse while Walden Pond was Henry David Thoreau’s.

Some of the most influential trailblazers are people who have faded into history. A farmer named Frank Zybach invented the sprinkler system that created crop circles worldwide. A writer named George Bird Grinnell was pivotal in preserving Yellowstone. Aerial America: Trailblazers highlights the places that produced these leaders -- and their all-American ambitions.


1 x 60'

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