42 ways to kill hitler

Recently declassified documents and modern day experiments shed new light on the bold attempts to assassinate Adolf Hitler.

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1 x 60'

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Indigo Films





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Adolf Hitler is perhaps the most feared and despised man of the 20th century. Not surprisingly, there were over 40 documented attempts on Hitler’s life. Assassins ranged from simple craftsmen to high-ranking soldiers in the Führer’s own military. When the smoke cleared, how did one of history’s most reviled figures manage to survive so many attempted assassinations?

Suicide bombers. Infiltrating snipers. Female film stars. Aerial raids. 42 Ways to Kill Hitler reveals the ingenious methods used to target the Nazi leader. Aided by cutting-edge CGI, security experts explore why the plots failed and, using modern weapons and explosives experiments, determine what minor changes might have made the missions successful. Meanwhile, historians theorize how history would have been altered if just one of the killers had succeeded. 42 Ways to Kill Hitler brings together a critical mass of little-known historical facts into an explosive program asking the great question: What if?

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