primal force from the wild

This documentary is an intriguing story of a man with a unique mission - to save the Sri Lankan elephant population.

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1 x 60'

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Pluk Media





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It is being referred to as the biggest paradox in Sri Lanka. In the predominantly Buddhist country, the elephant is portrayed as a holy creature. The past century however, the relationship between man and elephant has been disturbed. The local human population is growing and expanding its fields into the national parks whilst slowly diminishing the living and feeding area of the elephant. This movie proves that just one person with vision, motivation, power and perseverance can make a tremendous change. In less than 15 years, Marjo Hoedemaker was able to alter the fate of an Asian elephant. The animal was supposed to die but thanks to him the population is flourishing again. This is just one small step in a very severe and actual issue. Directors and Filmmakers Annegré Bosman and Mildred Roethof.

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