wonders of... asia (series 2)

Emmy award-winning host Ashley Colburn is off to the East and on the hunt for Asia's best.

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4 x 60'

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Ashley Coburn Productions





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After the success of her travels through Europe, host Ashley Colburn is off to the East! Home to some of the world’s most enchanting cities, dramatic landscapes and distinctive cultures, Ashley is on the hunt for Asia’s best. Come with us to Singapore where we explore local traditions between the modern skyscrapers of this bustling city. Next, home to the best beaches in the world, we island hop around the Philippines, before diving into the sea with whale sharks. Then to Thailand - from the night markets in Bangkok to the most remote islands, we have the perfect itinerary to mix crazy nightlife with the most relaxing islands in Asia. Pack your bags, we’re going for the trip of a lifetime!

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