Dr Derek Muller takes us on an epic adventure, a world-spanning investigation of vitamin science and history, asking how do we decide whether to take vitamin supplements, or not?

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1 x 90'

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Genepool Productions





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This year the world spent $90 billion on vitamins and supplements. Every week, a new benefit is claimed. At the same time, vitamin pills are decried as a waste of money and their producers condemned as snake-oil sellers. Many doctors claim most vitamin products are useless, or can even be harmful. Others point to peer-reviewed research showing they can be lifesavers. How do we decide what to take, and why? How do we assess the benefits or the risks? How do we sort the sense from the nonsense? In Vitamania, YouTube superstar Dr Derek Muller takes us on an epic journey, a world-spanning investigation into vitamin science and history, from molecules to marketing, from colds to chemotherapy. What Derek uncovers will confound opinions on all sides. And what Vitamania delivers will certainly save viewers money, and might also save their lives. Vitamania is written and directed by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Sonya Pemberton. From the multi-award winning team Genepool Productions.

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