megabuild: roller coaster of fire

Exclusive access to the design, build and launch of the amazing Wickerman roller coaster ride at Alton Towers, the UK's most popular theme park.

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1 x 60'

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Films of Record/Zinc Media





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Alton Towers is the UK’s most popular theme park, attracting millions of visitors each year on some of Britain’s most thrilling roller coasters. The rides are designed to bring us face to face with our deepest fears. Where we can put ourselves in peril, safe in the knowledge that we’ll come to no harm. But on June 2nd 2015, something went very wrong. Two carriages collided on one of the park’s most popular rides, the Smiler. 16 people were injured, five of them seriously. The ride was closed for the rest of the season and visitor numbers dropped. For the past three years the park has been working on how to attract the public back. As well as installing new safety features throughout the park they began developing a new, and even scarier, ride. For inspiration they turned to the themes that also inspired a 70s cult horror movie. The Wickerman. The film goes behind the scenes as the new ride is built, tested and launched sharing all the key moments with Alton Towers staff and rollercoaster enthusiasts from all over the UK. But will a ride based on wood, fire and ancient rituals be enough to bring the thrill seekers back?

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