miracles of nature

A documentary series showcasing the most beautiful and interesting places of our planet.

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26 x 30'

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KM Plus Media/Big Media





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Do you know where you can find the only untouched glacier? Where is the widest, highest or smallest waterfall in the world? Which desert is the driest or largest? Where are the locations of the most inaccessible mountains, the deepest point of the ocean, or where the salt plains lie? Let’s discover the world of geysers, active volcanoes and bizarre rock formations, which have one thing in common – they are not the work of man, they are the Miracles of Nature. Limited Rights Available: Latin America & US and Canada Spanish Speaking Only.

Episode Titles

Patagonia - South America, Hungary - Europe, Belize - Caribbean Great Britain - Europe, Russia - Lake Baikal, Spain - Europe Yemen - Arabian Peninsula, Oman - Arabian Peninsula
Antigua and Barbuda - Caribbean, New South Wales - Australia, British Virgin Islands - Caribbean North Pole, Quebec and Alberta - North America Madeira - Europe, Taiwan - Asia, Bali - Asia
Monglia - Asia, Jordan - East Costa Rica - Caribbean, Kenya - Africa Iceland - North Europe, Laos -Asia
Lapland, Switzerland, France, Gibraltar - Europe Great Britain - Europe, Kazakhstan - Asia, China - Asia, Czech Republic - Europe Czech Republic - Europe, Cuba - Caribbean, Fiji - Pacific
Israel - East We will travel to the Holy Land, Israel Vesteralen, Fair Isle, Orkneys Zimbawe, Zambia Once upon a time, this was a single country known as Rhodesia
Canary Islands, Guelmin Veracruz, Cayman Islands Salzburg region, Algarve, Corsica
Seychelles, Muritius, South Kivu Altiplano, Los Yungas, Lake Tititaca Zambia, Kakheti, Svaneti, Kurzeme
Ethiopia, Jamaica Poland, Masurian Lake - Cuba - Guantanamo - Italy - Lipari Afghanistan - Bamiyan - Turkey - Niğde - Patagonia
Thailand, Ceylon The best of Miracles of Natures

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