planet parrot

A colourful and amusing look at the modern day rise of the city parrot.

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1 x 60'

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A production of Humble Bee Films for Terra Mater Factual Studios





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Alien invaders are infiltrating our cities. Colourful, noisy and clever, they are multiplying rapidly – and they seem to enjoy their new, urban lifestyle. In Stuttgart, Germany, Yellow-headed Amazons swoop through the air, looking out of place against the grey buildings and drab skies. In Sydney, Sulphur-crested Cockatoos have become a common sight. And Argentina is seeing more and more established colonies of Burrowing Parrots in its towns. To counteract this development and help save the wild populations of parrots, a team of experts in Mexico is fostering a brood of Scarlet Macaws and will eventually try to reintegrate them into the wild. So, while their rural cousins are struggling to survive, the rise of the city parrot seems unstoppable – 70,000 birds have already found their way in. We encounter them in places where we would least expect them. But why are parrots doing so well in human environments? Are they outsmarting our native birds? Or is it because we adore these intelligent and colourful animals, and so encourage them to live alongside us? ‘Planet Parrot’ shows how these colourful, charismatic birds are increasingly turning a human world into a sanctuary of their own. Narrated by Rob Brydon

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