white beauty

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1 x 60'

Production Company

Produced by Satel Film and ScienceVision in association with ServusTV and Terra Mater Factual Studios funded by Cinestyria, Fernsehfonds Austria, Filmfonds Wien and Land NÖ






Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2013 (Cannes, France): Silver Dolphin in category "History and Civilization"

Episode Information

The Lipizzaner horses are famous around the world. At the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, the white stallions perform a breathtaking display of beauty and power that celebrates a perfect harmony between horse and rider. These carefully choreographed and synchronized movements were originally intended for war. Then, only the strongest and most athletic of the horses were chosen. The Lipizzaner stallion was bred for his courage, his strength and his character. Yet, he is at heart gentle and sensitive, responsive to praise, but rebellious to the use of force against him. The performance of the white stallions is the demonstration of a unique relationship between horse and rider, each reliant upon the other. 'White Beauty' is a stunning documentary about the history of the oldest breed of horse in the world. Using the latest technology of high definition and digital ultra-high speed cameras, this film celebrates the classical art of dressage when horse and rider become one in a ballet of exquisite grace and beauty.

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