mad match: nature's strangest relationships

Be it taking advantage of others, a case of give and take, or living in symbiotic harmony with others: our planet is filled with every possible type of strange, wild relationship!

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1 x 60'

Production Company

Terra Mater Factutal Studios





Episode Information

‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’, said the Water thick-knee to its unlikely friend the crocodile. And the sentiment was returned. The bird and the reptile lay their eggs in close proximity to one another other for maximum protection. While the crocodile cools down in the refreshing water, the thick-knee stands guard to spot intruders, such as the Nile Monitor. Following the bird’s warning call, the crocodile immediately returns to their common nesting place and saves all the eggs – whichever species they belong to! It’s the type of ‘odd couple’ relationship that has evolved all around the world – and it works. Underwater, clown fish and sea anemones profit from each other’s company; just like snapping shrimps and gobies, as well as rays and the hosts of the underwater cleaning station. It’s tit for tat in the animal kingdom! Or.. is it?

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