next to nature

The most exotic places on earth are nothing for the fainthearted: you have to adapt, to learn und to understand when you want to live 'Next To Nature'.

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1 x 60'

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Terra Mater Factutal Studios





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Sealed roads, public transport and fresh water from the tap: most humans now live in urban centres and never think about the many luxuries they enjoy. And yet, not everybody has access to these everyday comforts of civilisation; many people continue to live close to and with the nature that surrounds them. Although the idea may appeal romantic, the reality is that a life next to nature requires ingenuity and a pronounced ability to adapt. A life dependent on nature's whims can be idyllic but the people who choose to live far from urban centres have to make many sacrifices. And yet, cultures like the Nanai, the river people of Russia, continue traditions such as ice fishing. Similarly, ice fishing remains popular in Canada, although the catch is no longer sold. It is about far more than just the fish: it is about maintaining traditions and spending time in nature with friends and family. Old customs can still play an important role in the modern age, helping to strengthen both entire communities and the individuals who make up these communities. From remote mountains and forests to distant islands, in the face of the inexorable spread of modernity, the cultures and people featured in this documentary continue to celebrate life ‘Next to Nature’.

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