future proof present

This film investigates the principles of the Circular Economy, a new and revolutionary way of thinking, a “Capitalism 2.0”.

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Shot in the Netherlands and Brazil, "Future-Proof Present" is a documentary that discusses the problems caused by the current Linear Economic model (take, make, consume and dispose), which undoubtedly became a serious threat to the environment and to all forms of life on Earth. As an alternative, the movie investigates the principles of Circular Economy, a new and revolutionary way of thinking; a “Capitalism 2.0” adopted by the Netherlands with such success that is being considered a promising economic guideline to a more sustainable and long lasting future. More than a thesis film about the subject, the documentary creatively and deeply investigates the fate of our planet, as its resources become more scarce. Global temperatures keep rising and year after year more and more plastic fill up our maritime and terrestrial landscapes. Narrated by singer Lenine, who represents the common sense with a provocative, witty and straightforward approach, the movie monitors the routine of a typical Dutch family in order to understand how such innovative ideas are already part of people’s lives. It also visits industrialists, designers, entrepreneurs, and many more people in both countries in order to observe how these new processes are revolutionising human behaviour in many different businesses. In the end, transforming a production chain or economic model does not suffice. We must go beyond that, to a point where each individual is able to realize and be fully responsible for the planet we want to leave to future generations.

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