last horns of africa, the

This film is a gripping and intimate look at the current rhino poaching war raging across Africa as we follow the journey of two conservation heroes, putting their lives on the line, whilst a top-secret, covert operation attempts to bring down South Africa’s rhino poaching syndicates.

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1 x 90'

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White Spark Pictures/Banovich Studios/Cross Border Productions





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With unprecedented access, 'The Last Horns Of Africa' is a gripping and intimate look at the current rhino poaching war raging across Africa. We follow the journeys of two conservation heroes who put their lives on the line to protect the rhino in their care, all the while a top-secret, covert operation endeavors to bring down South Africa’s most notorious rhino poaching syndicates. Hidden away in South Africa, is the World’s largest rhino orphanage, run by Petronel Nieuwoudt, who deals with the aftermath – the orphaned rhino calves knowingly left for dead by poachers. Through her eyes, the viewer gets an insight into the incredible bonds that are formed and the heart wrenching reality of where these calves have come from. Meanwhile, in Kruger National Park – ground zero for rhino poaching, Don English, a Veteran Ranger commands his brave team on the front line of the rhino horn war as they set out on an almost insurmountable task of protecting the rhinoceros in an area the size of Israel. From never before seen footage of South Africa’s largest undercover wildlife investigation and interviews with poachers, the filmmakers risk their lives as they are thrust into the underground world of illicit rhino horn deals organized by South Africa’s ruthless rhino poaching King Pins. 'The Last Horns Of Africa' is a first hand look at the complexities and moral debates of contemporary conservation, which has found itself entangled in the dark web of corruption and the illegal wildlife trade.

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