australia in colour (series 2)

When colour is applied to the black and white footage of Australia’s film archives, the footage comes to life in a way never seen before, inspiring a new look at Australian history.

programme information


4 x 60'

Production Company

Stranger Than Fiction Films





Episode Information

Back for a second series, this fascinating treasure trove of the best available film from the 20th Century digs into Australia’s social, political and economic history. Footage has been fetched from the archive, cleaned and compiled to paint a vivid picture that makes sense of modern Australia. That’s not all: after painstaking research, glorious colour has been added, making the past visible in colour for the first time. It means this exploration of Australia pulsates with life, energy and meaning. Across the four episodes in this new series, we'll dig deep into Family, Australian’s at Play, Crime and Punishment and Australian Made.

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