my greek odyssey (series 5)

My Greek Odyssey takes viewers to some of the most spectacular and unique islands in Greece. But don’t go thinking it’s just another travel show – This is far from the ordinary!

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13 x 60'

Production Company

The Rusty Cage





Episode Information

So far on My Greek Odyssey, we’ve taken viewers from Athens, through the Saronic, Ionian, Dodecanese, Western Cycladic and Northern Aegean Islands. It’s been a spectacular journey to some of the most remote corners of Greece. In series five, join host Peter Maneas aboard his beautiful boat Mia Zoi, as he explores the southern and central Cycladic. From the little-known islands like Anafi and Donousa, to the well-known, including Santorini and Crete. This is a culturally diverse part of the country with dramatic landscapes, rich history and wonderful people to match. Peter will be going from the mountaintops to the seafloor, as he delves deep into the story of the islands to unearth what makes them so special.

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