wolverine - one tough mother

Follow Freya, a 3-year-old wolverine, over the course of a year, as she battles against the harshest conditions and some of the fiercest predators.

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1 x 60'

Production Company

Produced by Red Rock Films International for Smithsonian Channel and Terra Mater Factual Studios in association with ZDF/ARTE, NHK and NRK





Episode Information

Glamorised by Hollywood and villainised by ancestral folklore, the wolverine is both a fabled icon of the Northern Hemisphere and a modern-day superhero. Our heroine of this story, Freya, is a 3-year-old female wolverine – shy and elusive and rarely caught on camera, she inhabits a mysterious and unforgiving world – deep in the rugged wilderness between Russia and Finland. This is ‘No-man’s land’. Following Freya over the course of a year we document her battles against the harshest conditions and some of the fiercest predators where Freya showcases her acute set of instincts, incredible skills, courage and perseverance. She’s carved out a niche in this hostile land all alone and she’s determined to master her territory. But a whole new challenge awaits, she has just become sexually mature and as a first-time mother, how will she cope when her two young kits arrive? If she fails, it’s a bitter pill to swallow; climate change and habitat loss are threatening her very existence and every kit counts. If she succeeds, it will stand testament to the true grit which makes up every ounce of her being. She’s uniquely equipped to face all the challenges the harsh wilderness throws at her, but will her arsenal of superpowers be enough? Probably – for she is Wolverine!

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