Follow Jason Caldwell and his team as they embark on the perilous and near impossible task of rowing across the Atlantic in 35 days, to break the world record.

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1 x 90'

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Bow River Films





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Jason Caldwell is an American athlete whose career has been defined by a string of silver medals; he could have played pro-baseball but for a career ending injury; he almost made the Olympic rowing team but ran out of time. He's a restless soul looking for a win and when he discovers a near impossible, unassisted, three thousand mile rowing race he believes his stars have aligned. With a crack team of elite rowers, Jason’s ambition is not just winning the race but smashing the world record for the fastest crossing - except he's got the wrong team and underestimates the ocean to his peril. After just 10 days at sea the team falls apart and two of the four men jump ship mid-Atlantic. Battered, humbled and 30lbs lighter, Jason limps to the finish line but the very next day starts planning another attempt. This time he’s determined to find the perfect team – selfless guys who will fight for each other. Just one year later he’s back. But when sea sickness and adverse weather threaten his dream once again Jason is faced with a seemingly impossible task: to cover the final 400miles in just 5 days to get the record.

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