blue carbon

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1 x 90'

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Make Waves Media





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In the fight against climate change, we may have overlooked one of our greatest allies, the oceans. From Emmy/Bafta winning Director, Nicolas Brown (Serengeti Rules) and Executive Produced by Oscar-nominated director, Fernando Meirelles (City of God, The Two Popes), Blue Carbon offers a story of hope in troubling times. Shot across a year, from Colombia and Brazil to Vietnam, the USA and Senegal, this blue-chip documentary unpicks the science and hopes around the relatively newly discovered powers of the ocean to absorb significantly more carbon from the atmosphere than trees on the land. This "Blue Carbon' as scientists are now calling it, can be found in salt-marshes, sea-grasses and mangroves. But once again it is a race against time to protect and restore these vital ecosystems, and to harness their untold power in the battle against global warming. Told through the eyes of Grammy-nominated DJ and marine biologist Jayda G, this is science you can dance to.

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