future from above (series 1)

‘Future from Above’ takes us on a journey of discovery to find out how the world could look in 2050 - the defining year for our planet’s future - where “the climate fight” remains the consuming battle of our age.

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4 x 60'

Production Company

otf studios / Earth X / Borderless / Dopamine





Episode Information

Heading into an uncertain future, the Earth is in trouble. However, world-leading experts agree that, with a drastic rethink in sectors such as energy, transport, agriculture and waste, a positive future is not out of our reach.

Future from Above is a journey of discovery to find out how the world could look in 2050, a defining year for our planet’s future, and beyond. The series explores an array of pioneering solutions ranging from ancient regenerative farms in Mexico City, to what will be the most advanced nuclear fusion reactor ever built.

We hear the stories of those working on the ground making these innovations possible, and discuss the vast potential of each exciting development. These solutions promise to play a major role in the fight against the destructive practices of today, with the potential to change the world as we know it.

Interspersed with cutting-edge CGI, we are thrown forward in time, allowing us to imagine a future that we can look forward to, not fear.

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