greenwash, explained with hamsters

What is the dif­fer­ence between green action and green ?“action”? We’ve recruit­ed a team of cli­mate-con­scious ham­sters to help explain the ins and outs of green­wash­ing, how to spot it and call it out.

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1 x 15'

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WaterBear Network





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What is the difference between green action and green "action"? We've recruited a team of climate-conscious hamsters to help explain how to spot businesses and industries that are greenwashing. As we explore our furry friend's hometown of Hutchville, we expose various questionable practices these cute rodents are using to mislead customers about their climate credentials. Back in the real world, on our journey to a better future, it's critical to identify green-speak, call it out, and demand concrete climate action. Handily, countries are passing laws to help hold businesses to account - try searching for “Green Claims Laws” where you live. (If anyone asks, just say the hamsters sent you)

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