how to lose a war

‘How to Lose a War’ offers a fresh perspective on the story of 1939-1945 - the second world war.

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5 x 60'

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Wildbear Entertainment / Cut2Clock





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In 1941, the Axis powers of Germany, Italy and Japan seemed to be on the brink of conquering the entire world.

World War 2 began with a series of swift, stunning and decisive victories as the Axis powers completely took the Allies off-guard. By late 1941, Adolf Hitler ruled over a vast empire that covered Europe, large parts of Russia, North Africa and the Mediterranean. Germany occupied swathes of lands with a population greater than that of the United States. Hitler’s Axis ally, Japan, ruled over an empire that was even larger in size.

The war, it seemed, was won. And then they lose it all. But how?

In five themed episodes, How To Lose A War looks at the numerous missteps that turned the Axis powers‘ devastating victories into crushing defeats.

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