ocean wonders (series 1)

A mind-blowing, myth-busting series uncovering the secrets and mysteries of marine wildlife.

programme information


8 x 30'

Production Company

otf studios prodution in association with EarthxTV





Episode Information

Heavy-metal marine biologist Tom “the Blowfish” Hird comes face to face with incredible sea creatures - scuba diving with manta rays, sharks and grey seals and taking a closer look at smaller critters like moray eels, mantis shrimp and boxer crabs back in his lab. Blowfish uses everyday objects to demonstrate how aquatic animals thrive and survive - from wrapping himself in tin foil to show how crabs moult to recreating sticky hagfish slime and learning to shoot like an archerfish. Blowfish’s infectious enthusiasm, daredevil antics and hilarious home-made experiments shed light on the weird and wonderful wildlife of the underwater world.

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