Join field biologist and passionate conservationist Dan O’Neill in this five-episode visual feast as he explores the largest living examples of five very different and very BIG animals!

programme information


5 x 60'

Production Company

An Off The Fence Production For CuriosityStream Inc. 2023

Executive Producer

Andrew Zikking, Guy Gilbert, Jorge Franzini, Rob Burk



Episode Information

Join wildlife & LGBTQIA+ activist Dan O’Neil as he explores the structure and internal anatomy of the biggest animals alive today. Using the latest CGI, we’ll bring to life the most gigantic animals ever to have walked the planet. Dan travels the world to joins the dots between the ‘Giants’ of the natural world, past & present.

Humans have always been obsessed with size. “The bigger, the better” being the order of the day. By applying this obsession into the animal kingdom, we reveal the incredible anatomies of the biggest beasts to have walked our planet. Giant animals can evolve naturally over millions of years, when food sources are plentiful. When the climate is warmer, cold-blooded animals, plants, and insects grow larger, while warm- blooded animals shrink. When the climate is colder, like in the Ice Age, warm-blooded animals get larger, while cold-blooded animals evolve smaller.

Many of the large animals that exist today are leftovers from the hot and cold periods of the Earth. Some examples of leftover animals are the crocodile (from the time of dinosaurs) and the polar bear, one of the world’s largest bears today. In each programme we explore one iconic animal. Including Elephants, Lions, Sharks, Anacondas and Saltwater Crocodiles.

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