penguin party

From South Africa to Georgia and all across the southern hemisphere, the penguin party never ends!

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Penguins often come high up the list of people’s favourite animals, and this should be no surprise. Always well turned out in their faux tuxedos and waddling on ice like clumsy humans, they never fail to steal our hearts. But there’s more to penguins than their dancing on ice routine. Underwater, their dynamic shape and predatory skills come into their own, becoming graceful hunters of the ocean. And with these skills they have conquered the entire southern hemisphere. Whether hud-dling in Antarctic storms or burrowing in sand, penguins have found a way to thrive in a huge range of climates and environments. Indeed, while most are happy in freezing conditions, those of Africa, and even the Galapagos, will never see snow. A characteristic that all penguins share, however, from South Africa to Georgia, is that they know how to party. They’re adaptable, energetic and resourceful, colonising half the globe with their supreme skill be-neath the waves. What’s more, they show no signs of slowing down; whether in the sweltering trop-ics or the freezing south pole, the penguin party never ends!

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