tribe in the picture, the

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1 x 60'

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Essential Film and Television





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In May 2008 a series of photographs flashed around the global media. Naked painted figures firing arrows at a passing plane in one of the most remote forest regions of the world – the Amazon. The pictures caught the world’s imagination – are they the first ever pictures of an isolated tribe never before contacted? Was this the first contact these people have had with the modern world? And who took the pictures? The government of a bordering country have simply denied their existence at all, insisting that the picture is a fake. Could it be that if a group of people don’t exist, it’s hard to lobby for their protection? This film is an investigative adventure up the Envira River into the heart of this mysterious region, to two base camps and the Peruvian border. A journey to find the true answers to a huge mystery - just who are Tribe in the Picture?

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