icy coast

For the animals that have learned to exploit the harsh waters of icy coasts, the rewards can be tremendous and surprising.

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1 x 60'

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Doclights GmbH/NDR Naturfilm





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Cold coasts create bleak and challenging landscapes for all wildlife. Some are found in cold places and some are in hotter environments but engulfed by freezing ocean currents. However, both can reveal surprising riches for wildlife. For the animals that have learned to exploit them the extreme temperatures shape appearances and behaviours. These creatures are the masters of the cold coast.

It’s hard to believe that these freezing oceans can be bringers of life. In fact, cold water holds onto oxygen much better than warm, encouraging aquatic activity. Great eagles hunt abundant marine life in the bleak northern hemisphere whilst cold water corals thrive off the nutrient rich currents passing through their reefs, and massive elephant seals fight for territory off the coast of Australia. All fueled by the riches of the icy coast!

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