manatees on the move

Though they won’t win too many beauty contests, manatees are endlessly fascinating, delightfully chubby and constantly eating – as such they’re always on the move!

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1 x 60'

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Doclights GmbH / NDR Naturfilm





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Manatees, sea cows, these gentle giants go by several names. They were once thought to be beautiful mermaids that could lure sailors to their deaths, though they probably won’t win too many beauty contests. To retain their weight, manatees need to eat for 8 hours and consume 8% of their bodyweight every day. And keeping eating also means keeping moving – but though always on the move they’re not exactly speedy. Though they can sprint if required, the vast majority of time they crawl at less than 8kmph. Thanks to their endearing temperament and tolerance of human visitors, all species of manatee have gained quite a fan following. From Florida to the Amazonian manatees have mates everywhere. And a good thing too; scientists and conservationists work tirelessly to ensure the gentle giants are roaming the world for generations to come.

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