This series looks at the phenomena of animal migration around the world.

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3 x 60'

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Doclights GmbH / NDR Naturfilm





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There’s no doubt that migration is one of the most remarkable phenomena on the planet, hosts of animals of all shapes and sizes demonstrating incredible feats of endurance.

Whether driven by the search for food or the simple will to survive, great herd migrations are some of the most spectacular events of the natural world. While perhaps the most impressive masters of long-distance travel do it on the wing. No wind, rain or winter’s storm can stop these winged athletes completing their mega-marathons in the skies. And finally marine migrators are some of the toughest animals on the planet, facing countless dangers to perform some of the longest journeys on earth.

This series takes an indept look at the animals that run, swim and fly and their long distance journeys.

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