temperate realm

From Europe to Asia and the mountains to the oceans, the temperate zone covers a stunning range of environments, playing host to a startling array of animals.

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1 x 60'

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Doclights GmbH & NDR Naturfilm





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Our planet Earth is a globe with many faces. It has five major climate zones, offering wildly different conditions and habitats for the creatures living within them. Perhaps the most fertile, productive and most populated region is the temperate zone. It’s defined by four seasons, but since none of these are too hot or cold, for many people and creatures it’s the perfect place to live. It lies between the cold polar regions and the arid tropics, enjoying the best of both. Much of North America, Europe and central Asia falls within the temperate zone; it covers a massive landmass and has flora and fauna that varies wildly throughout its vast jurisdiction. Since seasonal changes are governed by the sun, both animals and trees thrive in this region. This may be the temperate zone, but for naturalists this region is no less extreme!

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